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A magnetic sculpture created in
response to a year of polarisation

The number 2020 screams tension.
There's an inherent rivalry between its two matching parts.
It sits there waiting to divide.
An apt number then for a year that's borne witness to stark divisions.
That's seen, once again, an increasing polarisation of social, economic and political attitudes.

This project, entitled 20/20, attempts to make these forces of polarisation tactile. 
We've cast an object using a combination of magnets and jesmonite.
It's designed to be held, felt and toyed with.
It's split into two smaller parts.
Each twin is a twenty-sided reflection of the other.
On first glance they look like they should fit together.
Try to do so and opposing magnetic forces mean they are nearly,
but not quite, impossible to unite. 

A project by Weirdo - a creative agency using diversity and difference for good.
Produced in partnership with designers Matt Perchard & Ella Porter.
If you’re interested in acquiring one of the sculptures please get in touch. 
The edition will be limited to a run of 20.


Design Team

Matt Perchard is a British designer, innovator, and artist.
His playful work encompasses all disciplines of design and unifies cutting edge technology with hands-on craft to imbue magic into projects of all scales from hacking human behaviours to igniting cityscapes. Instagram:

Scottish born, London based designer-maker, Ella Porter, enjoys combining her knowledge of traditional crafts with modern technology to create bespoke and small batch designs focusing on everyday objects, lighting and accessories. Instagram: